Compensation Plans

Almost all compensation plans are designed to benefit a few at the expense of the many. An entire book could be written upon this subject, filled with broken dreams and dead bodies that line the network marketing highway.

I know of a lady who recruited the #1 money-earner into a company. He went on to earn millions and she didn’t earn a thin dime. I call that unfair, dishonest and downright dirty!

Joy To Live has the simplest, easiest and fairest compensation plan in the industry. More people will earn money with our compensation plan than any other company and therefore we will have the highest retention rate in the industry, eventually making us the largest company in the industry.

Once the network marketing world understands what we have here at Joy To Live, people will flock to our company in unprecedented numbers. Those who work hard now will count their lucky stars as this tidal wave of people begin to find Joy To Live!

Joy To Live Scam

This website was created to dispel any validity that may otherwise be given to accusations by a certain individual that Elite Marketing Alliance Inc. (EMA) now doing business under the name Joy To Live, a Utah registered business entity is or ever was a scam business or opportunity.

To the contrary, EMA / Joy To Live is the fairest and single most honorable company to ever open its doors to the network marketing community.

Owner Jerry Ricks is honest to a fault, and because Jerry voluntarily started paying the person now making these accusations, said person began expecting to be paid and even demanded exorbitant sums of money.

When the demands turned into extortion, Jerry refused to pay and instead of taking legal action, which he has every right to do, he chose to not add fuel to the fire by not responding to these accusations.

When I asked Jerry why he didn’t take action against this person, he told me that he “would rather shine so bright that it would one day be apparent that none of the accusations were true.” That speaks volumes to me about the character of Jerry Ricks. He really doesn’t want to harm anyone, including someone who has set out to be his enemy.

Having known Jerry for many years as a personal friend and having worked with him very closely for the past year and a half as a consultant to his company, I can vouch for his integrity and also his drive to make Joy To Live the best opportunity in the industry and the last company you will ever have to join.

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John Austin, Joy To Live Consultant