Compensation Plans

At the time I started consulting for EMA / now JTL, the company was already one year old. The owner Jerry Ricks had just programmed a new compensation plan and had posted a message to the EMA website that the new compensation plan would be implemented in eleven days.

I told Jerry that if he did so, it would be the death of his company, which was already struggling to keep its doors open and that is why they were changing the compensation plan.

After many long discussions, Jerry finally agreed not to implement the new compensation plan, but rather to work with me to enhance the one he already had. Unfortunately, he did not allow me to completely start from scratch (which would have been best in the end) so I had to improve the existing plan the best that I could and we did a pretty good job.

Although the compensation plan could have been better, that was not the major reason why people didn’t make enough money. The signup process was horrible and about 60% of the people who tried to sign up could not accomplish the task without help. This kept many of the leaders so busy with customer service related problems that they no longer had time to recruit new members. The Advisory Board literally begged Jerry for months to get this fixed. I even created the necessary diagram for the programmers so they would know exactly how to make this upgrade, but Jerry could not see the need for it and wouldn’t do it.

We also asked to have the autoship cart improved because the majority of associates could not mix and match the products they wanted to have delivered each month and they were forced to place a manual order instead, which many people forget to do until after they run out of product. This would have been a simple fix, which I again diagrammed for the programmers, but Jerry could not see the wisdom in making this small improvement either.

The shippers JTL used were never up to par, which caused undue stress on both our customers and upon the customer service department. A majority of our complaints came as a result of poor shipping and no tracking. When a customer called to find out where their shipment was, the girls in the office could not provide a tracking number and would tell the customer to call the shipper, which didn’t make sense because the shipper could do nothing without a tracking number, and this only added to the frustration. And finally, if the customer complained about the service they were getting, they were often told to put in their resignation, which many customers did.

I had a husband and wife team in my downline that were experienced customer service trainers. They offered to train our girls via teleconference once a week without charge. They had personally experienced a number of customer service problems throughout their JTL downline and they offered their services to JTL because they very much wanted to build a team and see the company survive. However, both Jerry and Debbie refused to allow this and Debbie said, “they will just beat up on my girls.” That would not have been the case, but nonetheless we did not get any improvements to our customer service.

After nearly three years of harping about improving shipping, Jerry finally allowed myself and another member of my team to introduce him to a better shipping company. Jerry doesn’t tell me how it is progressing, although I was the one who took him to meet one of the managers at the shipping company, I did hear rumor that he is moving that direction although it could have happened in one week and over a month later Jerry still hadn’t submitted the paperwork.

I raise these issues, because these were the major factors that kept us from going into momentum where many of our leaders would have earned enough money to have stayed loyal to JTL, but because we could not fix these problems no matter how hard we tried, many of my leaders started dropping out and taking their members to other companies.

That being said, with over 20,800 people in my JTL downline, my biggest month was $5,500, which included an $800 car bonus. My upline in this other company is earning $35,000 monthly with only 2,700 (almost 10% as many) in his downline.

Come with me and let’s work these two companies side by side while we begin developing a team that will take us to greater heights, no matter what a company does or does not do.

Please give me a call so I can help get you positioned correctly with your existing JTL team members.

Kind Regards,

John Austin 801-776-3255



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Joy To Live Scam

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