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Compensation Plans

Almost all compensation plans are designed to benefit a few at the expense of the many. An entire book could be written upon this subject, filled with broken dreams and dead bodies that line the network marketing highway.

I know of a lady who recruited the #1 money-earner into a company. He went on to earn millions and she didn’t earn a thin dime. I call that unfair, dishonest and downright dirty!

Joy To Live has the simplest, easiest and fairest compensation plan in the industry. More people will earn money with our compensation plan than any other company and therefore we will have the highest retention rate in the industry, eventually making us the largest company in the industry.

Once the network marketing world understands what we have here at Joy To Live, people will flock to our company in unprecedented numbers. Those who work hard now will count their lucky stars as this tidal wave of people begin to find Joy To Live!