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My name is John Austin.  I started my network marketing career in 1964 at the age of 14.  I have been a Consultant to the industry for the past 16 years and for the past three and a half years, I have been a consultant to the Joy To Live Company.

At the time I started consulting for owner Jerry Ricks, his company was called Elite Marketing Alliance or EMA and was on the brink of failure. On an average there were only 1-2 new enrollments per week and sometimes they went as long as two weeks without a single one.

I immediately saw a need for changing the company name. The name EMA itself was stopping many people from taking a second look. I proposed the name Joy To Live and Jerry liked it and registered it as a DBA of EMA. However, Jerry’s wife who is the office manager, didn’t like it and she continued to answer the company phone saying EMA!

This caused a lot of confusion with our associates because the new people joining JOY TO LIVE didn’t know anything about EMA and they soon outnumbered the old associates. There were so many people complaining about Customer Service that out of desperation Jerry created Joy To Live LLC, for the express purpose of stopping the complaints from the field by forcing his wife to change how she answered the phone, but even then she refused to say Joy To Live and answered the phone saying JTL instead.

With my help things started to turn around and we were signing up an average of 60 new people daily, however, as company owners often do, Jerry began thinking he was the genius behind Joy To Live and its first wave of success. After a relatively short period of time Jerry stopped taking my advice and started doing things his own way, which had brought him to the brink of failure in the past and which now was upsetting many of the leaders which I had attracted to the company.

Jerry refused to implement some small but very important improvements to the signup process, autoship carts and basic customer service, which not only I was asking for, but also my Advisory Board, virtually all of the leaders and many of the rank and file associates. Jerry’s failure to act caused the company to start a downward spiral and many leaders began bailing out and moving onto other companies. At the time of this writing, signups in my downline of over 20,800 have dropped to an average of 4 new members per day. That is 1/15th of what it was a year ago and my monthly sales volume is 1/4 of what it used to be.

I was one who told the world that JTL was a company of integrity, with ownership and leadership that could take it to a billion dollars in annual sales and I fully believed at the time that I made those statements that they were the truth. I literally gave Jerry a track to run on that would have taken us to a billion dollars in annual sales, but he got sidetracked with a scam in Africa where he was scammed out of a considerable sum of money and he spent most of the company profits for the next two years trying to get that money back rather than taking care of the needs of the company and its associates.

I advised Jerry to cut his losses and use all of his profits to build up JTL again and regain the money he lost through growing the company rather than feeding more money into the hands of these African Scammers, but my advice only made him angry and from that point on Jerry began to distance himself from me and no longer wanted to hear any of my counsel or advice.

And because Jerry no longer gives me the privilege of even knowing what he is doing, I have to rely on rumors and the latest rumor is that Jerry is hiring a manager to run JTL. If that is the case and if this manager knows what he or she is doing and if Jerry can step aside and let that person actually direct the future of JTL, there may be some hope for its survival and I am therefore recommending to my team to remain active in JTL at least until we clearly see what our future here may be.

However, until I actually see some positive movement in that direction, I feel obligated to say that I no longer believe that JTL is foundationally solid and stable although at the time I made statements to that effect, I fully believed them to be true.

Now what I am suggesting to the members of my team is that we now take a different approach to how we look at network marketing. In the past we have been building companies and more often than not, company owners let us down by making stupid decisions that destroy what we have built, forcing us to start over and over again.

My suggestion is that we now band together and create a team based upon our relationship with each other, rather than upon the company we are building at the moment. In order to do that, there must be some trust established in the person or persons that are making the decisions as to which company that team should align itself with.

If you are already a member of JTL, you know my criteria for choosing a company. No company will ever be perfect and some concessions will always have to be made, but if the positive elements strongly dominate, and if we remain united as a team, we can affect the direction of any company that we may associate ourselves with, and as a team we can agree to move to a new company anytime it benefits the team to do so without having to start over. The alternative is to always go it on your own and be forced to start over every time a company owner fails you.

That being said, I will continue to remain a member of JTL so long as I my website remains active. Should the day arrive that Jerry decides to terminate me, I will then post the entire EMA/JTL story here as only I can tell it and we will simply move on to bigger and better things. In the meantime, I will continue to recommend that my team remain active and continue to purchase JTL products at terrific prices.

My concern at the moment is to strengthen relationships between team members and begin making a transition that will make the future more secure for all of us. In fact, I have spent the past several months praying for and looking for an honorable opportunity that would be worthy of introducing to each of you that we can work side by side with Joy To Live. My purpose is to number one create solidarity in our team, so that if something happens to JTL that our team will not break apart, but that we will already have something in place that will hold us together and allow team members to continue to receive benefit from the work they have done here.

An overview of this opportunity can be seen at:

Hopefully, we can have a consultation after you have taken time to view this website so that I can help you get properly placed within our Austin Team. I hope to maintain the same integrity as our existing JTL teams. There may be some who choose not to be part of this team effort, in which case we may have to juggle sponsorship. I will work with you the best that I can.

In the future, I intend to develop some software along with producing some team training so that we can get actively involved with building the Team Concept. This will empower us, the distributors and will take power away from company owners that fail to do what is right. We can then take control of our own futures and build a legacy based upon people and relationships rather than always being company dependent.

Thanks to each of you who have supported me in the past. May our future be even stronger and brighter as we unite together in a higher, better and stronger purpose.

Kind Regards,

John Austin  801-776-3255

PS: It doesn’t matter what a person does in life, there will be some that agree and some that disagree. Some people will see what I am doing here as being benevolent and others will see me as being self-serving.

Let me tell you a story. There was a man who was going to buy a new suit and he took his friend along with him. While he was being fitted for the suit he asked his friend to go pick out a tie to match his new suit. His friend came back with a tie that had a beautiful design, but the colors clearly clashed. He sent his friend to find another and he came back with a tie that clashed even worse than the first and he asked his friend, “What’s the matter, are you blind?” And the friend replies, “Matter of fact, I am color blind.”

It has been said, “A person’s intelligence is directly proportional to the degree to which he or she can see things in the abstract.” But where the majority of people can see colors, only a small percentage of people can naturally see things in the abstract.

Having been tested for this talent or ability, I was told that there are only 1-2 people in 100 who have this natural ability and that I was blessed to be one of them. The difference is that people who are blind to the abstract can learn to see in the abstract, whereas people who are blind to colors cannot learn to see in panoramic color.

Applying this talent to the subject at hand, I have been gifted as a consultant to be able to see things which are absolutely essential to the success of a company. This talent also helps me to see things when choosing a company for my team that people who can’t see in the abstract would naturally miss and completely overlook.

And the same if you were colorblind, you may want someone else to help you pick out your wardrobe, you may appreciate someone who has more experience and who can see in the abstract to help you pick your next network marketing company.

I am not perfect, but as the Master Distributor of Joy To Live, you have seen me do a lot of things unselfishly, like write my book, The Causes of Over 200 Diseases, which people all around the world have used to benefit their health and I created Capture Pages at my considerable cost to myself and free of charge to my team, which helped thousands of members tell the Joy To Live story without having to be a trained salesperson or a seasoned professional.

And in spite of whatever faults I may have, with 50 years experience in this industry and 16 of those years as a consultant to company owners, I believe I am as qualified as anyone to head up a team and to choose a good company that would be the most suitable for the majority of the members of that team.

With that said, I am moving forward in a big way. The best part of my career is still in front of me. Whatever company I choose to lead my team to will be the best I can find. I will continue to put your needs and desires at the forefront of everything I do and if you want to be part of that, I will be honored to work with you.

The next company (and perhaps the last) that we will be joining can be seen from the following link: Please give me a call so I can help you with placement.

Kind Regards,

John Austin 801-776-3255














Originally this page was created to refute a joy to live scam story and scam website:

Joy to Live SCAM?

People are not so interested in the ema / joytolivescam today as perhaps they were in the past. The interest today is more in the stability of the joy to live company and it’s long term survival than in the joy to live scam.

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