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My name is John Austin.  I started my network marketing career in 1964 at the age of 14.  I have been a Consultant to the industry for the past 12 years and for the past year and a half, I have been a consultant to the Joy To Live Company.

Being aware of the circumstances surrounding the accusations of Joy To Live being a scam operation, I feel the need to shed some light on the EMA / JOY TO LIVE SCAM that has been posted at But before I do that, I would like to share a bit of history about Joy To Live, so you can better understand why the foregoing blog is named

Following my own notes, you can also read two short letters written by a professional investigator about this alleged emajoytolivescam.

At the time I started consulting for Joy To Live, the company was called Elite Marketing Alliance Inc. / EMA. I personally saw a need for a name change because in my opinion, the original name EMA did not tell a story or give anyone a desire to learn more about the company and its products. I asked Jerry if he was married to the name EMA and he told me “no, it was just a name.” I said, “with your permission then, I am going to look for a name that means something.”

I wanted a name that is simple and easy, yet I wanted a name that would tell the purpose and mission of the company and at the same time I wanted a name that would stimulate a good and memorable emotion in someone who heard it for the first time. Hence Joy To Live was born.

EMA is still the parent company of Joy To Live, just like Sarah Lee is the parent company of Hostess and about 38 other companies. Thus, Joy To Live is a legal business entity or division of EMA, and is registered with the Utah Board of Registrars.

Now more about the alleged scam:

A gentleman named Kou Xiong who now lives in Minnesota joined EMA in its infancy. Kou is a web developer and he immediately saw the need for a company website and began building one. Owner Jerry Ricks liked the work Kou was doing and although there was no contract or agreement between them, Jerry began paying Kou for the work he was doing.

Although Jerry paid Kou over $35,000, during the time they worked together, Kou was disappointed that the company was not growing rapidly and finally decided to quit.

Before breaking the news of his decision to leave, Kou asked Jerry for an additional $15,000. Jerry had just given Kou $4,000 and he felt like Kou was taking advantage of him and in light of fact that there was no contract, Jerry declined.

Kou then threatened Jerry that if he didn’t receive the money in a specified short period of time, that he would take the website down, which he did.

Kou then began emailing and calling people in his downline, telling them that the company was going down and they should drop out.

Finally, Kou created the EMA JoyToLive Scam and posted the information on the blog mentioned above, which is poorly written and none of which is true. Finally, Kou did not sign his name to the accusations which he made, possibly because he knew they were lies and he would one day have to face the truth if his name was published with them.

In the beginning, Kou had sponsored a friend of mine Kevin Koya, and in talking with Kevin recently to learn more about what happened, Kevin told me that Kou had tried to talk him into quitting too, but Kevin told Kou that he liked the company and the products and he chose to stay with EMA.

Keven and his wife are now earning a very nice monthly income, which has allowed Kevin to quit his job and he now works his Joy To Live business business full-time. They are also driving a new Mercedes as a result of their $800 monthly car bonus they receive each month from Joy To Live.

The saddest part of the story is that Kou could have received a matching bonus on Kevin and others, if he had not tried to kill the goose that is now laying some very nice golden eggs for Kevin and many others like him!

Kou further attempted to destroy the good name of Jerry Ricks by linking his name to an investment scam that is a matter of public record, and that appears on the FBI website at:

This was a scam involving three companies, one of which is named Sports Endurance Inc. Jerry Ricks was President of Sports Endurance. He did not have ownership in this company; he was a member of the Board solely in an advisory capacity.

Sports Endurance Inc. (SENZ) along with two other companies named in the FBI article were scammed by a professional ring of stock manipulators. This crime syndicate approached companies with the offer to take them public in order to raise investment capital, after which, they would manipulate the price of the stock, and in the case of Sports Endurance their stock was manipulated from $1 a share down to one penny a share, effectively stealing all of the money that had been put up by the investors.

After being scammed, Sports Endurance alerted the FBI, who upon investigation came in and indicted fourteen members of this organized crime syndicate. In the end more than thirty people went to jail.

Jerry was not part of this scam, nor was he ever implicated in any manner. The guilty people went to jail and once again, Kou Xiong has made a fool of himself by trying to bite the hand that fed him.


John Austin  801-776-3255

Following, are copies of two emails from an investigator that was hired by a Joy To Live Associate to get to the bottom of the claims of EMA / Joy To Live being a scam:

Subject: Final Investigation / Resolution
To: Jerry Ricks

Greetings Mr. Ricks,
As you may already know, I was hired by an EMA member that was concerned about the allegations raised by others in regards to the validity of your EMA / JTL product / opportunity.

I have completed all of my investigations and research, confirming such as noted in the email below being copied to you.  I have waited a few days to hear back from the accusers that I had communicated with, and others involved, but with no responses. I believe that I have exercised all that I can to ensure clarification, and clearly that none of their accusations had any merit. I have advised my client accordingly.Therefore, it appears to me that the accusers were simply looking to build a case that they could use to get money out of you; a form of “corporate terrorism” that is becoming more frequent.

I believe that you have cause for a lawsuit against this accuser but that is your choice.  Filing a complaint with the State’s Attorney General and Home Land Security (immigration) is also at your disposal.

For now, I wish you great success.


Robert Arthur, CBI, CIC
Chief Investigator
Investigation Management Group, LLC

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: robert arthur
Date: Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 3:40 PM
Subject: FINAL eMAIL
To: Kou Xiong

Now that I have reviewed and researched all of your allegations it is clear that Elite Marketing does not have ANY violations in their business development.
Point of fact, it appears that you and your statements appear to be a basis for allowing Elite Marketing to file an action against you by turning over all of this to your local district attorney under Federal corporate terrorism laws.

While the United States has a robust freedom of speech law it does not allow for lies or fraudulent statements being made without penalties ranging from probation to appropriate deportation in addition to fines.

You will no longer be hearing from me as my assignment was to review and research and then advise which I have done for all involved including my recommendations and options for Elite Marketing to recover from false statements being made.

Robert Arthur
Investigation Management Group, LLC

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